Dreamverse NYC, Where NFTs Make Landfall

A physical event on Nov 4 at Terminal 5, New York. Produced by Metapurse. Featuring over 150 artists, curated by OG NFT artists. Live DJ sets by Alesso, RAC and PLS&TY. Experience NFTs as they are meant to be. ` If there is one thing NFTs have taught us, it is that we as people are hungry for experiences. The virtual desertscape we thought COVID trapped us in began to fill with colour. NFTs transformed the abstract ideas of decentralisation, immutability and financial independence into games, art, and a menagerie of collectibles. That’s not all. Their real-world impact has been profound and far-reaching. NFTs have become part of everyday conversations around the world, launched new mediums of expression, lifted thousands out of poverty, and brought together people of incredible diversity and creativity. A true renaissance. And yet, NFTs are still thought of as intangible or virtual. Not if we can help it.

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