NFTs As Change Agents by NFT Radio

NFT technology has enabled applications that, frankly, make the world a better place.

Tonight, we invite the movers and shakers that use NFTs as a powerful agent for change. We’ll talk about activism, art, and why NFTs are compelling for societal use cases. 

Presenting “NFTs As Change Agents,” tonight, April 7th at 8:00pm CST.

The lineup:

  • Nadya - PussyRiot: Russian conceptual artist, political activist, and member of the anarchist feminist group Pussy Riot. 

  • 3LAU: World-renowned DJ, producer, philanthropist, and early crypto adopter. Launched Blume, the first not-for-profit dance music label

  • David Bianchi: Actor, producer, screenwriter, and poet. Created spoken word film NFT titled “I Can’t Breathe,” benefitting the George Floyd Foundation.

  • Yuna - WOCA: Co-Founder of WOCA (Women of Crypto Art), a collective for women-identifying cryptoartists. Also a Polygon sponsored artist, Graffiti Queens art exhibition curator, freelance writer, and BBStudios member. 

  • Gisel Florez - WOCA: Co-Founder of WOCA. Artist of manual camera and video techniques incorporating conceptual practice, and a RISD Alumni photographic affinity leader.

  • Gabby Dizon - Yield Guild Games: Entrepreneur and veteran of the game industry in Southeast Asia. Co-Founder of Yield Guild Games and Co-Founder and CEO of Altitude Games. Contributed to Axie’s success in the Philippines, where it has become a viable way to make a living. 

  • Metakovan: Entrepreneur and Financier of Metapurse, the world’s largest NFT fund.

See you tonight.

About NFT Radio:

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