New Metapursers on Deck

We are thrilled (we are obliged to say ;-)) to announce that Brooke Walter and Veritas Kami have joined the Metapurse team. Brooke will be managing marketing, communications, and operations, while Veritas is leading acquisitions, with a focus on supporting crypto native artists, rising artists, and artists from multicultural backgrounds. Here’s how they became a Metapurser and why we are lucky to have them on board. In their own words -

Brooke’s MetaStory

Becoming a Metaverse-citizen

My professional background is in marketing, but my metaverse journey began three years ago when I met crypto artist Josie Bellini. She was doing design work at a blockchain company I was working at, but it wasn’t long before we became close friends and she shared her passion for NFTs. I stared into her Bitcoin gas mask in awe as the background morphed via augmented reality and realized that this new world was fascinating, dynamic, and beautiful.

When she left to pursue a NFT and cryptoart career full time, a light bulb went off: NFTs are quickly transforming antiquated landscapes and empowering creators to take hold of their own financial future.

Through Chicago’s NFT scene, I got connected with Andrew Steinwold - the host of the popular Zima Red NFT podcast and newsletter, among other things. I began helping Andrew edit his blog posts to force my own exploration of virtual worlds and the NFT ecosystem.

Andrew and I also became close friends and business partners. Together we founded MetaCast Group, an advertising company that connects NFT content creators with sponsorships. It is so rewarding working directly with and learning from these talented creators and projects on the bleeding edge of the digital renaissance.


MetaCast blossomed into something more when we were asked to help Metapurse with the B.20 project’s branding and marketing. Working with people across time zones to help tell the story of B.20 in just over a month was challenging, but rewarding because we knew we were writing NFT history. I found my passion creating the B.20 narrative and visual language, and orchestrating the moving parts to craft the final vision. During the Metapalooza launch event, I saw a sea of avatars, and the gravity of the historical moment sunk in. I was crystallized into the metaverse.

A Metapurser is Born

After my work on B.20, Metapurse asked me to join the team full time, and I had to accept. From my experience working with Metapurse on B.20, I knew that their visions were bold, yet smart, and working with them would be nothing short of an adventure.

It’s true what they say - when you find a job you’re passionate about, it doesn’t feel like work. I can genuinely say that every morning, I get excited for what I get to do. I feel honored to have a front seat listening to Metakovan’s infinite visions, and working closely with Twobadour, learning from his eloquence and strategy super powers.

I’m proud to be a Metapurser - on the cutting edge of the NFT industry, on a team that genuinely cares about the crypto art community, not just profit, and paving the way while doing the unexpected. One thing is for certain, we are just getting started.

Veritas’ MetaStory

Feeling Out of Place

My life began in a household led by refugee parents. Growing up, we kept a close eye on events in Tamil Eelam. The civil war led me to build close bonds with my Tamil brothers and sisters back home. Growing up in Canada and living in a majority white city, I’m frequently asked ‘where are you from’, and when I respond I’m Canadian, I’m asked “where are you REALLY from.” These experiences had a profound impact on my identity, culture, and my taste in art.

In highschool, I found myself surrounded by wealthy white students. Initially, as a Tamil boy, my focus was on academic excellence and getting into medical school. My freshmen year was composed of feeling out of place and trying to get As. However, by the end of highschool, I learned how to finesse a white-centric social fabric, as I rose the social ladder.

Meeting Metakovan

I took what I learned in highschool and went to Ottawa to study politics. Here I met Metakovan, long before he became who he is today. At that time we were two Tamil students exploring Ottawa with a newfound independence. The minute he began explaining blockchain’s potential, his face would light up and a prophetic voice would emerge. I could only understand his ‘prophecies’ in theory. Studying political science made me very pragmatic and I failed to see a ‘real world’ application to crypto. Metakovan’s vision of decentralization via crypto, while studying classical liberalism at school stuck with me. I no longer saw centralization as a way for effective governance. 

Ultimately, I went on to pursue an MBA and subsequent corporate career. Like many who have ventured down this path, I was forcing myself to fit into this world. 


I only had three constants throughout my life; music, spirituality, and sports. My first musical memories included sitting in the back of my dad’s car listening to California Love, and watching Biggie’s Hypnotize music video on MuchMusic. My dad still has an original vinyl copy of Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle. 

As I battled the emotions surrounding unemployment, these constants helped me power through, and I became increasingly focused on a regiment of meditation, prayer, and working out. 

My prayers were answered one day when Metakovan told me about his goals for Metapurse and offered me the opportunity to lead their acquisitions. I was finally able to be myself and thrive in a creative environment. NFTs were liberating artists and becoming a tool for empowering minorities, who face barriers to entry in the traditional art world. 

I see Metapurse’s prosperous path ahead and the freedom to allow the intersection of culture, spirituality, music, and sports via the metaverse to thrive.

My guru always told me to maintain a child-like playfulness and curiosity. The Metaverse and being a Metapurser is a place to maintain that, while continuing to build Metakovan’s prophetic vision. 

Why Metapurse Loves them

Brooke basically runs our lives. She was an agent of order during the B.20 launch, and a highly effective orchestrator through the chaos of the past weeks. As her story enunciates, she also carries a love for the metaverse we all share. The clincher is that she finds working with us tolerable. Metapurse welcomes her into the family and would like nothing more than to see her live long and prosper. And probably run the world while she’s at it. 

Veritas is a kindred spirit. A global citizen, with all that it entails. An appreciation for Hypnotize, as well as empathy for brethren a thousand miles away. A delightful conversationalist, he brings that rare ability to contextualise our everyday efforts in the metaverse with the big ‘why’ of everything. A moral compass, in other words. He would also like me to say his addition adds a layer of critical and creative thinking to the team. Most of all, the man knows how to party.

Metapurse is proud to welcome Brooke and Veritas into the fold. Hit them up, say hi. Be nice to them.