Metapalooza - When the Metaverse Took Over

Metapalooza completely blew us away. 

When we said that Metapalooza would be the most epic metaverse cultural festival, it was more of a wish. What it turned out to be - the largest metaverse event to date - was something straight out of a fairytale. 

This has made us ecstatic beyond belief.

An event like this is only possible in the metaverse. Part music festival, part art show, and part party, Metapalooza intended to celebrate the culture of the internet renaissance, and it was a smashing success. 

A special thank you goes out to our incredible speakers, Nifty Gateway Founder Duncan Cock Foster and art expert Jason Bailey, for enabling attendees to see and hear from thought leaders in the ecosystem. We are much obliged to the incredible musician 3LAU for DJ’ing, playing non-stop hits, and chatting with fans in the Discord chat. And of course, thank you to the legend himself, Beeple, who took the stage to speak to everyone about his incredible art and the significance of the B.20 movement.

Lastly, thank you to all of the attendees who contributed to making this an unforgettable moment in metaverse history.

The Stats

This was, quite simply, the largest event to take place in the metaverse to date. A sea of avatars filled the B.20 museum rooms across worlds. 

Metapalooza happened less than a week ago and our B20 museums in Cryptovoxels have already become the top-visited parcels for the past month. There are over 10,000 visits for one of the parcels and the adjacent parcel has over 9,000. Our museum in Somnium Space had somewhere between 350-400 visits just during the event, and while the exact numbers for the Decentraland museum are hard to estimate, it was standing room only at that massive build during the Metapalooza! These are incredible numbers that solidify the huge impact that this event and art has had on the metaverse community. 

And then the event itself, which was chock full of great talks, tours, music, and a contest - went on for 2 hours without a dip in energy. It shattered records in engagement and attendance.  

The exact numbers are hard to pin down because the community was spread across many different platforms, but we estimate that about 3,000 people attended Metapalooza across the TokenSmart Discord, GrowYourBase Discord, $WHALE community Discord, multiple Twitch streams, and in multiple virtual worlds.

Taking a closer look, we had incredible views across the board. Over 1,000 people were in the Discord voice channel on TokenSmart, the anchor hub, and TokenSmart member DragoNateYT had over 1,500 unique viewers on his Twitch stream. The community showed up for a fun and historic event, and we accomplished our mission. 

A special note on the TokenSmart crew: DragoNateYT and Trislit - who made the event’s audio and video seamless across the three worlds. It was as close as the metaverse had ever come to interoperability. And the inimitable energy of Sandymeows and Rizzle carried the energy through from start to finish. When it comes to community, they’re the smartest, most large-hearted bunch in the metaverse. 

B20 Sale

The token sale went off without a hitch - well, almost! We had some big buyers swoop in and scoop up the entire supply in seconds! We might have hoped for it, but we certainly did not expect it. Luckily, the smart contract mojo at WhaleStreet is strong, and we got to work. 

As music, the metaverse scavenger hunt, and museum tours entertained attendees, Vii, the tech lead at WhaleStreet whipped up a brand new sale smart contract, making an additional 10% of the token supply available for purchase. For this sale, we set every wallet to have a cap of $1,000 worth of B20 tokens. This secondary supply also quickly sold out, and everyone was able to participate. 

With 500+ token holders, we can say that our mission to democratize access to the world's first metaverse-native public art project was a success. Now, we can all own the metaverse renaissance. 

It Wasn’t All Us

We would not have been able to pull this off without our amazing partners and collaborators. Thank you to: 

With that said, we were honestly a bit nervous about organizing such a sweeping event on such short notice (we had started planning it only a few weeks prior), but seeing the community come together as they did and wholeheartedly enjoy themselves meant only one thing: 

That somewhere down the line, in between our scrambling to finish the builds and struggling to properly express what we were doing, the metaverse took the B.20 idea from our hands and ran with it. 

Going Forward

With B.20, we discovered a powerful synergy between the stakeholders of this project - the A-Team of the metaverse, if you will. Our confidence in ourselves and in our power to bring an idea to life is now absolute. We will now strive to do more and go bigger.

Innovation is driven forward by the bold, and we intend to be the boldest by not stopping here. We want to learn more, build more, and do more for the metaverse community.

Stay tuned because this is only the beginning. 🚀

If you have any questions, feel free to email