Inside B.20 - A Metaverse Docuseries

Premiering March 5th, an exclusive behind-the-scenes series that captures the ideas, decisions, and conversations that shaped the first tokenized art project in the Metaverse.

Where does true power come from? From an epic origin story. Bitcoin is Bitcoin because of the legend of its birth - ‘From the churn of financial ruin emerged an ideal, forged on the world wide web and made immortal by an act of anonymous altruism.’

B.20 is B.20 also because of its origin story.

The journey of B.20 has been magical. The distance we have come in just eight weeks is pitted with moments of serendipity, collaboration, and love on an unprecedented scale. 

What better way to celebrate this journey than to relive it, together? Presenting 'Inside B.20,’ a docuseries that captures the ideas, decisions, and conversations that shaped the first tokenized public art project in the Metaverse. Here’s a little teaser:

There’s so much that happened in the weeks preceding Metapalooza, B.20’s launch event, on Jan 23rd. A new idea was born and then nurtured into something spectacular. The best minds in the Metaverse came together - people of such varied skills and viewpoints, all aligned to a common vision.

In an audio-visual style the Metaverse has not seen before, an inspired team of imagers has charted this origin story over a dozen episodes.

Premieres on Friday, March 5th

Come watch the first episode with us this Friday, March 5th, at 2 pm EST on the $Whale Discord:

Join us a few minutes early to talk all things B.20 and then watch the docu-series debut together. Bring a friend. Bring a crowd.

You are an inseparable part of this journey, and as the series unwinds, it is quite likely you might see yourself pushing this story forward. We are so grateful for the part you played, whether as a supporter or a spectator. 

When we said a few days after Metapalooza that we couldn’t take credit for the enormity of the event or the wave of positivity, we meant it. What we can take credit for is in falling in love with the right people - the artists and the creators, the mad dreamers of the metaverse.