Every Piece Of Art Belongs to Everybody 

(One of the world’s greatest art collections is locked up behind this fence.)

What makes a society? What makes a culture? It comes down to the people. People are the metamorphic entities that invent, create, and ultimately push culture forward. 

But what is culture? It’s rather mercurial, but is essentially a cocktail of what people say, how they act, what they build, and who they are. It defines them - us - as a group. And it is most visibly expressed as art.

To Lock Up Culture is to Block Evolution

One aspect of our mainstream culture that has clearly been distorted in recent years is how artworks are purchased. In locations like Switzerland, magnificent works of art are too often locked away in safes to never be seen again. 

This is not how the great civilizations of the past flaunted their culture. Everyone, from the Greeks and Mayans to the ancient Han Dynasty, would create and display beautiful artworks that proudly showcased their society’s beauty and identity.

Every piece of art tells a story: a story about the people, the time, and the culture. When that story is hidden, cultural devolution ensues, and cultural progression is paused. It's very telling of the current day and age that people buy art with the sole intention of locking it away in a vault.  

The Digital Renaissance

Throughout history, art and creativity have provided the most transparent window into a society’s culture, and the NFT ecosystem is no different. In the past few years, we have seen an explosion in creation as metaverse-natives from all corners of the globe and all aspects of life have joined together in a cultural renaissance. 

The best part about this cultural movement is its openness - in a figurative and literal sense. People not only are open to completely new experiences, but also are literally building in the open. The creative process is happening before our very eyes. Everyone can view anyone’s artwork, and everyone is taking part in the construction of this emerging digital society. 

Culture and Collective Ownership

Inspired by the creative mavericks in the metaverse, we want to take the current paradigm of people buying art to hide it, and flip it on its head. 

Art is an idea made visible. You can patent an idea, implement it, or monetize it, but once it’s out there, you can’t really own it. Art should be for everyone. Creativity should be for everyone. And importantly, culture should be for everyone.

We plan on taking inspiration from the magnificent public art projects of the past, but adding features that are native to both the crypto-economy and the metaverse.   

It is important for people to share culture in the form of artworks and experiences, as history has shown us that this is how a society truly grows. 

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